Love is not for everyone…


I read this today and felt an overwhelming desire to share it.  There was a man, who I consider my “true love”, who was afraid to love me because he was hurt before.  He once said, “Love isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.”  This made me think of him, because I am all about love, and what it can do in your life.

Love is not for everyone….

Some folks are not built for authentic love

See, love has certain requirements for it to even enter your space

I know it sounds crazy

but Ive come to understand that love ain’t got love for loveless folk

So, if love comes-a calling but you’re committed to being afraid

Love, ain’t for you

If you need to be in control of what you feel while also needing to control those around you

and what they feel

Love, ain’t for you

You got a story about being abandoned?

Feeling like maybe you’ve got to protect your heart so it won’t happen again?

Love, ain’t for you

Are you the type that can look another in the eye while

Spinning beautifully crafted words

when in fact everything you’re saying

is a bold faced lie?

Well… ain’t for you

And you ain’t for love

Do you run game in your shame of feeling like you’ve never been loved?

Do you unconsciously live for the drama

Cause you feel like you ain’t never got real love from your mama?

And your daddy wasn’t worth shit— cause he split

Or never hugged you tight…and when it comes to him

Your inner voice says “I ain’t shit, cause he wasn’t shit”

Well sorry my friend

Love, ain’t for you

Now the beauty in this

Is you probably ain’t miss

or even wondered what it would be like to have a life filled with love

See, you’re so busy talking that talk

Like you know love

That when it comes time to walk that walk

And show love

All we find are vacant words

within somebody who once heard —that

Love, ain’t for you

And they believed it.


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